Francesco Adiliberti Ph.D.

Francesco Adiliberti is a FinPlanet expert in the area of DLT pilot regimes and decentralized trading systems.

FinPlanet Expert
Francesco Adiliberti Ph.D.

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Francesco Adiliberti Ph.D.

  • +25 years of practical professional experience in financial markets and +8 years in DLT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Long-time managing director of Goldman Sachs
  • CEO and person in charge for the license application of a crypto custody provider in Europe
  • Application for a banking license for a European group to process CHF and cryptocurrency payments
  • Mandate to set up and CEO for a crypto trading venue in accordance with DLTR, application for the DLT-TSS license
  • Mandate to set up an unregulated cryptocurrency trading venue with on-chain matching and settlement.
  • CEO of Nomisma, a multilateral trading system for crypto derivatives in accordance with MiFID II
  • PhD from Zurich University

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