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Strategy consulting for digital assets and regulations

The financial sector has been constantly changing for several years. FinPlanet offers you comprehensive advice on the topics of digital assets and regulation.

87% of our customers were not aware of their opportunities and risks, or misjudged them*. With the free quick check, we can protect you from making wrong strategic decisions at an early stage.

Our expertise

We advise you on all relevant topics relating to digital assets and regulations

Our advice involves three stages

Our advice is provided as part of a three-stage model consisting of an analysis, planning and implementation phase. As a result of this procedure, our consulting results can be measured and used by our customers at every single stage.


Analysis of opportunities and risks when entering into new business areas based on existing structures and derivation of a target scenario


Development of an implementation plan to achieve the target scenario, taking into account the regulatory requirements


Implementation of the planned target scenario based on the implementation plan
We know the problems of incorrectly set up processes and offer optimal strategy advice to counteract them at an early stage

Why is a three-stage process important?

  • Processes might be set up incorrectly at the beginning;
  • Due to a lack of analyses in advance, adjustments are necessary afterwards;
  • Processes that need to be taken into account from a regulatory perspective are ineffective, resulting in operational risks and regulatory misconduct;
  • Employees do not know their responsibilities in the context of the new product or the new market;
  • Necessary IT systems are incorrectly integrated or not used correctly;
  • Wrong service provider selection requires short-term changes;
  • Compliance with service levels or customer requirements cannot be ensured;
  • Without a structured process, many problems and costs can arise later on.

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The three-stage process in detail

Analysis — the foundation for your entry into new business models

Quick check

With the free quick check, we enable you to make a qualitative initial assessment of whether your business model is affected by regulatory and technical changes, and what opportunities and risks are possible.


Status-quo analysis

We carry out an status-quo analysis based on your current operating model. This way, we get an idea of your existing organizational and operational structure, your strategic orientation and the range of services provided. On this basis, we subsequently develop targeted scenarios for a specific market entry strategy.


Competitive analysis

We carry out a detailed competitive analysis based on your target market and your intended positioning. The competitive analysis includes in particular the analysis of products, processes, methods and positioning of competing companies in the same market.


Impact analysis

We carry out an impact analysis to determine what effects can be expected from new regulatory and technical changes for your current operating model. In doing so, we always assess opportunities and risks neutrally.


Scenario analysis

Based on previous analyses and your company-specific framework conditions, we develop tailor-made scenarios that create concrete added value for your strategic positioning.


Outsourcing management for FinTechs

Even unregulated FinTech startups often have to meet requirements for proper operations due to the existing relationship with licensed institutions as part of the outsourcing management. These requirements do oftet not differ significantly from regulated institutions and apply equally.

Your result of the analysis

The knowledge of opportunities and risks for entering into new business areas based on the existing structures and the derivation of a target scenario.

Planning — your project is speeding up

Process organization

Based on the developed target scenario, we analyze necessary adjustments to your process organization (business processes, organizational units, service providers, etc.).

Design for regulated institutions: If you are a regulated institution such as a CRR credit institution, we take into account, among other things, the requirements for the internal new product process and outsourcing management when integrating external service providers. We also examine related processes, such as those from information security management or risk management.

Concept for fintech startups: If you are a young FinTech start-up, we can provide you with efficient processes on request, which lay the basis for future potential certification standards such as ISO.


Organizational structure

The organizational structure is the heart of every company. Although this can be adjusted, it is usually subject to a long transition period, during which in particular increased operational risks prevail. Together with you, we develop a target scenario for your organization and make a decision if services should be outsourced or built in-house.



IT is essential to implement digital business areas and must usually be adapted. We help you develop a scalable IT architecture and comply with regulatory requirements (e.g. German BAIT, DORA, etc.).


Service provider selection

If service providers need to be involved, technical and non-technical requirements must be met. We define these requirements in form of specifications and select the suitable service provider for you. This way, we always take into account your internal technical and organizational measures.



In order to measure the success of the new business segment, we will define adequate key performance indicators for subsequent implementation based on your business strategy.


Your result of planning

Development of a target scenario and an implementation plan to seize opportunities and counteract associated risks.

Implementation — the integration of your target operating model

License applications

Depending on your strategic positioning, you will need to submit new license applications. Together with our partner law firms, we will support you until you obtain your permit and beyond.


Service provider integration

Selected service providers must be integrated into the customer's existing landscape in accordance with regulatory requirements. We support you with the integration in accordance with the requirements of your internal written regulations.



If a company acquistion is strategically relevant to enter the new business segment, you can rely on us. We support you during the whole transaction process, from pre-selection and due diligence to the acquisition of the company and integration into the existing organizational and operational structure.


New product process

For the introduction of a new business area, it is essential to carry out a new product process. We support you throughout the entire process, from initial concept development and risk analysis to the final approval by your management.


Adjustment of structural and operational organization

It is necessary to adapt the existing organizational and operational structure in order to meet operational and regulatory requirements. We support you in adapting your written regulations in the intended manner and analyzing relationships within the existing organizational structure.


Human resource management

If you need external personnel due to regulatory organizational requirements, we use our network and provide you with appropriate contacts. For example, as part of a permit application, you can draw on qualified interim managers, information security officers, data protection officers or personnel from other areas.


Your result of implementation

Implementation of the target operating model based on the implementation plan.

* Information is based on experience from initial discussions as part of the quick checks.

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